Caring, Committed, and Experienced

Attorney Nina M. Svoren has been practicing law in northeast Georgia for almost 25 years. She has experience trying cases to juries and judges, arguing appeals before the Georgia Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, engaging in lengthy mediations, preparing extensive pre-nuptial, divorce, custody, and support agreements. Her prior service as a municipal court judge gives her an insight into decision-making that few practicing attorneys have gained. She is a caring, committed, advocate who tells it like it is and works hard to achieve positive results for her clients.

Laser-focused on your family law case

Whether you have planned to divorce for a long time, or you are blindsided by a sudden separation, you need an attorney who understands you and who cares about the outcome of your case. You need a clear-headed guide to navigate the unfamiliar waters of the court system so you, your children, your property, and your money do not get lost in the process. Welcome to NMS Law Firm, Nina M. Svoren, LLC. I have been practicing law for more than 25 years. I take personal pride in helping husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, grandparents, and other family members achieve positive results in family law matters.

Attorney Nina M. Svoren

The three most important factors in selecting a family law attorney are the level of attention given to your case, experience, and cost. At NMS Law Firm, you will receive exceptional service at a reasonable price. I take the time to learn about my clients and understand their lives, their hopes, their fears. Together, we identify the most important issues in your case and fashion the best strategy to successfully address them. Throughout your case, I maintain frequent contact - answering questions, providing advice, and asking questions so that I can understand your needs and goals. Even after the court proceeding is concluded, I continue to be available to answer questions that smooth the transition back to your post-litigation life.

Your Success is Our Success

The lawyer you choose to represent you in a family law matter can greatly affect the outcome of your case. If your lawyer does not understand the details of your life, your finances, and your family, the results can be unsatisfactory. You can be assured that Nina M. Svoren will take the time to honestly assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case and help you select and employ a winning strategy going forward. Your success is our success.

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